consultancy, mentoring, training for church leaders


What is pebble?

A reformed evangelical consultancy, mentoring and training platform, provided by Co-Mission, with a passion for servant hearted, principled, fruitful gospel ministry that reaches the lost.

who is pebble for?

Pebble serves church leadership teams, and particularly senior pastors, who are looking for guidance and equipping to enable their churches, under God’s hand, to generate gospel momentum and advance the spread of Christ’s Kingdom. Pebble is also working with network leaders thinking how their relationally-connected group of church-planting churches could help one another reach their city or region for Christ. 

why is it needed?

The recent National Ministry Survey found that over 2/3 of church leaders surveyed do not currently receive mentoring to strengthen their ministry and over 3/4 have never received a constructive consultancy assessment. Of these, half would be keen to receive mentoring and consultancy. In the same survey, a high proportion of church leaders saw a need for more training in leadership development, raising finances, planting readiness, leadership skills and engaging their communities.


The senior consultancy & mentoring team is:

Richard Coekin, Senior pastor,
Dundonald Church, Mission Director
of Co-Mission, author of Gospel DNA

Ray Evans, Retired senior pastor,
FIEC Church Leadership Consultant,
author of Ready Steady Grow

Pebble training resources are provided by the senior consultancy team and a growing number of others with particular expertise.

PEBBLE is a ministry of Co-Mission Initiative Trust (CMIT), a limited company registered in England and Wales (no. 08848067) and a registered charity (no. 1157383) with offices at Dundonald Church, 577 Kingston Road, London SW20 8SA 

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