consultancy, mentoring, training for church leaders

what is Pebble for?


Ministry & mission health check
for a senior pastor or church leadership team



Bespoke input to
strengthen ministry



Resource library
for pastors and
pastoral teams


what is Pebble offering?

a church consult

For senior pastors – assessing preaching and leadership of self, teams and church;
For church leadership teams – assessing team culture, structures and dynamics

Proportion surveyed who found a constructive external assessment of their ministry helpful (NMS 2022)

Step 1 – Self assessment survey & preaching sample

Step 2 – Analysis in relation to national data

Step 3 – Face-to-face consultancy session with senior pastor or leadership team

Step 4 – Report and recording for church leadership

With powerful instant feedback tools to enable a church to see themselves in fresh ways:

one or more mentoring sessions

Bespoke input for:
senior pastors – supported by a pastoral ministry survey and preaching analysis –
and network leaders – conversations for leaders seeking to develop a network of church planting churches

Percentage of leaders surveyed who found ministry mentoring beneficial (NMS 2022

  • Time with an experienced mentor to think through how to sharpen vision and grow in ministry effectiveness
  • 75 minute sessions
  • Group sessions possible
  • Limited availability

Richard Coekin, Senior Pastor, Dundonald Church, Mission Director of Co-Mission, author of Gospel DNA
Ray Evans, Retired senior pastor, FIEC Church Leadership Consultant, author of Ready Steady Grow

Mentoring is an ancient practicea biblical pattern and a powerful aid to leadership and ministry development. 

A number of excellent ministries have grown up in the last few years offering mentoring to pastors – many dealing primarily with relational, personal and spiritual issues, seeking to support, counsel and resolve relational conflict.

Pebble mentoring is focused more particularly and proactively on issues of mission and ministry, seeking to strengthen senior pastors and senior leaders in finding fresh ways forward for the gospel.

Emerging network leaders tend to have particular challenges and questions. Download the Pebble network consultancy brochure and explore specially targeted mentoring.

online training

A resource library – equipping leaders; shifting paradigms – for healthy, effective ministries

how do I get involved?

consultancy, mentoring, training

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like a small pebble dropped in a still pond
a fresh insight can stir exciting ripples of change