Crosslands Seminary Support

Crosslands Training offers seminary level training created by Acts 29 and Oak Hill College: Biblical theology applied in mission and church.

In addition to the excellent support from Crosslands centrally, the LCPA-linked tutor group offers additional study support:

  • an optional Zoom drop in session once a week to discuss and ask questions of the tutor
  • a Trello board for information and co-ordination the different assignments
  • an active WhatsApp group to keep in touch
  • this LCPA website platform to host seminar session recordings, additional resources and links

Before enrolling here for Crosslands Seminary Support it is important that you first apply for Crosslands Seminary direct with Crosslands Training. Once you been accepted and have paid Crosslands for the course you will be informed which tutor group you will be joining. You could request that Crosslands place you in the South London Tutor Group but bear in mind that they would not be able to guarantee your choice as there are space constraints.