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>>> Bible teaching is the heart but not the whole of a spiritual healthy ministry and a healthy church >>>

These Thursday mornings together once per month, looking at the Scriptures and at different aspects of godly and effective leadership issues, are designed to complement the training received at Cornhill and at the General Ministry Workshop. 

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Leadership workshop 2023-24 (Year 2)

Session one Session two Session three (LCPA)
21/9/23 (Dundonald) State of the church in the UK + Pebble/Reach Ministries Servant hearted leadership
19/10/23 (Dundonald) 2 Tim 1:1-18 How to think about growth
16/11/23 (Vauxhall) Joshua overview Nature of the church: local and translocal Personal evangelism workshop (beyond know and tell the gospel)
18/1/24 (Dundonald) 2 Tim 2:1-13 The importance of friendship
22/2/24 (Dundonald) 2 Tim 2:14-26 Positive complementarianism
14/3/24 (Vauxhall) Titus overview Leadership from Titus How to write a talk
18/4/24 (Dundonald) 2 Tim 3 Guidance and the will of God
23/5/24 (Dundonald) 2 Tim 4 Q&A
20/6/24 (Vauxhall) Jonah overview Praying the Lord’s Prayer