Bringing together planters and training

what is IT?

The London Church Planting Academy is a one stop shop for planters to get what they need  to plant healthy biblical churches that reach the lost for the glory of Christ.

the training Menu

  • Perhaps you want help with the specifics of planning, launching and growing a church plant  – look at Co-Mission Planting Training.
  • Perhaps you have not been to Bible college and realise you need that theological foundation – look at Crosslands Seminary training.
  • Perhaps you have seminary level training but want to be stretched further – look at the Union MTh.
  • Perhaps you want the opportunity to think through how to translate theology into ministry practice – look at the City City Incubator.

Take one, two or three items from the menu and plug the gaps in your training experience.


Co-Mission Planting 2020-21 (Term 2)

Biblical, highly practical, road-tested urban planting specifics for lead and co-planters.

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Crosslands Seminary Study Space: Jan-June 2021

Seminary level training, created by Acts 29 and Oak Hill College. Biblical theology applied in mission and church.

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Incubator 2020-2021 Term 2

Middleware for gospel-centred, contextualised church planting

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Union MTh Study Days: Semester 1

Enriching, Christ-centred, Master level reformed theology for growing churches.

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