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Clarifying vision

The value and practice of defining, casting and resourcing vision for a local church or network-level gospel movement

Developing teams

Biblical foundations and practical guidance for structuring and investing in healthy team ministry that releases gifts and growth

Developing the eldership

Defining, raising up and investing in godly and effective elders.

Raising finance

Tools for leaders seeking to resource local and regional gospel vision

Strengthening leadership

Biblical encouragement, wisdom and tools for overcoming challenges, managing change and thriving in healthy, effective leadership.

Strengthening healthy evangelisic culture

Cultivating inclusive, missional church community and gatherings

Strengthening oversight

Enabling godly and effective governance that is right in the eyes of the Lord and in the eyes of a watching world.

Strengthening preaching

Sharpening preaching that addresses the heart, draws people to Christ and applies the Word. 

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