Co-Mission Planting (Term 1)

Co-Mission Planting Training is biblically grounded, highly practical training on church planting specifics for those considering planting, those in the planning stages and those in the first 3 years post-launch.

Sign up for one term or for a reduced price purchase one year (Terms 1-3).


If you are not done so already, please complete the Co-Mission Planting Training Application Form prior to enrolment onto CPT.


We would also warmly recommend signing up for the City to City Incubator course which works well alongside the Co-Mission Planting Training. The two courses have been designed to complement one another and take place on one day per fortnight – Co-Mission training in the morning and Incubator in the early afternoon. There is a reduced price for taking both courses in parallel: put both in your cart together to benefit from the £100 discount.